Never on Sunday
While filming "Never on Sunday"
Cannes Festival, with Nikos & Eleni Kazantzakis for the premiere of "He Who Must Die " - from Tachydromos magazine
In Cannes
from Eikones magazine
from Eikones magazine
Cannes Festival 1960, the famous party for "Never on Sunday" -from Tachydromos magazine
"Never on Sunday"
"Never on Sunday"
Spyros Mercouris, Melina, Jules, Eirini Lappa (her mother) - from Tachydromos magazine
from Nitro magazine
filming "Phaedra" 1961
from Eikones magazine
with Romy Schneider
Jules is filming ''Uptight'', 1968 - from Tachydromos magazine
In Nicosia